Vibing to Havana like Jay Chou: Heres How You Can Too!

Havana, Jay Chou newest song "Mojito"Havana Like Jay Chou

If you haven’t seen the newest viral hit “mojito” in China by one of the most famous Taiwanese singers, Jay Chou, then let me indulge you for 4 minutes here.  Shot in Havana, it has taken the Chinese music world by storm and now becoming an international hit. In under 24 hours, it gained over 3 million views and as of now over 10,000,000 and counting.

The song is an ode to globalization: using a latin rythm with Chinese vocals- a fusion I do not think has ever been done before on a massive international scale. Really, it’s beautiful.

The music video is shot completely on the streets of Habana as Chou and friends dance on the streets, ride in the classic cars, and groove on the Malecon.   All of these destinations are not just iconic to La Habana but a must do for any visitor.

It’s no surprise that an uptick in Cuba tourism since the release of the song “Mojito” has sky-rocketed. So of course that leaves many people wondering, how can I feel like I’m in that music video?

Getting to Cuba

Getting to Cuba is not only easy (yes, even for Americans: see this blog) its relatively CHEAP.  From the US, Mexico or Panama roundtrip tickers are anywhere from $200-$400.

What to Know

After deciding to buy your tickets, its important to note that Cuba is notoriously known for “traveling back in time (I hate saying that, but alas).” In Cuba, wifi is hard to access, cash is king, and plastic credit cards are not your friend. Heres a Cuba 101

When you step outside of the Jose Marti International Airport in Havana, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I said “traveling back in time”. The parking lot is filled with 1950 American cars and 1970 Soviet Box ones.  We often hear visitors say “oh wow!!!”  These cars are everywhere, not just in the tourist areas.

Where To Stay

Speaking of tourist areas, Old Havana, Centro and El Vedado are the areas most frequently stayed by tourists in Cuba.  Old Havana is the tourist central but at times can be very busy, dirty, and loud.  Alternatively, El Vedado is the hip, “americanized” part of the city. With art deco buildings that line up residential zones, its quieter but also near amazing restaurants and clubs.  If you’re wondering where exactly you should stay, just slide into my DMS!  

Where in Havana Jay Chou stayed? Not to sure but this instagram picture is on the rooftop of the Gran Manzana Kempinski, the most luxury hotel in Cuba located in Old Havana. (Americans, you cannot “legally” stay here.  Contact me for more questions!)

Havana Jay chou enjoying sunset on rooftop

What To Do In Cuba: Jay Chou “Mojito Style”

  1. Ride in A Classic Car: This is a MUST
  2. Have a Mojito: Want to Learn where the best mojito was? I got extremely drunk to write this blog post
  3. Take Salsa Dancing classes: Jay Chou can improve on this, but we give him props.
  4. Take a tour of havana!
  5. Spend at least one sunset walking the famous Malecon.  Trust me you HAVE to do this. You can even sip on an amazing mojito at the malecón 663 boutique hotel’s rooftop or the S/O Hotels amazing panoramic 360-degrees views of Havana.
  6. Get a personalized itinerary from us! We will outline everything based on what you like to do and can arrange everything!

Once you’re ready to go to Cuba sip on a mojito, you too will feel like you’re in a music video!





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