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Best Mojito in Havana

If theres one thing you must do in Cuba, its drink a mojito in Havana Vieja.  The classic and infamous drink around the world was born right here, in the island of paradise. When it comes to mojitos, almost every single restaurant and bar in Old Havana (Habana Vieja) has them, but not all are […]

10 Travel Tips for Solo Females in Cuba

Solo female travelers face a challenge when choosing their next travel destination.  Is the country relatively safe? Are the locals friendly? Will I be okay to travel around by myself? Cuba not only checks off all of those concerns, but offers solo female adventures an experience they will never get anywhere else. There is nowhere […]

Travel Inside Cuba: The Non-Confusing Guide

How to Travel Inside Cuba: The Non-Confusing Guide to Cuban Transportation When it comes to travel inside Cuba, the island isn’t your typical get-a-way to the Bahamas.  It isn’t even your typical eco-adventure to Costa Rica. Cuba, is unlike any place in the world in EVERY aspect, including even the most basic: getting around. One […]

Travel Cuba Legally in 2018: Here’s How

Despite Travel Warnings and Trump Reversals, You can Still Travel to Cuba Legally in 2017 Here is How: After a significant change in US-Cuban relations under President Obama in 2015, Cuba experienced a wave of fresh Americans willing to see their closest Caribbean neighbor. It was a new era.  People whispered quietly passed the ears […]

3 Amazing Beaches in Cuba That Aren’t Varadero

Yup, you read right. I know, I know… everything you read online about Cuba mentions Varadero (and Vinales, Cienfuegos, Trinidad… the typical tourist route). Let me tell you why you should probably skip over Varadero and go to beaches equally as amazing and accessible for tourists. So why skip Varadero? Here are some reasons: 1. […]