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Cuba 101: Intro Guide to Traveling to Cuba

Trust me: This is Everything you need to know about going to Cuba It seems that all-of-the-sudden the world figured out the largest island in the Caribbean still exists. Maybe it was the cars, maybe it was the Kardashians.  Either way, Cuba has become a major hot spot for all the world’s coolest travel blogger […]

The Yuma’s Guide to Getting a Visa To Cuba

September 2017 You’re an American and you heard you couldn’t legally travel to Cuba. WRONG. As of September 2017, you can still travel legally to Cuba. In June 2017, U.S. President Trump signed an executive order that rolled back many of the advancements the Obama Administration made with Cuba including the individual people-to-visa visa category. […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Havana

  There’s a different kind of revolution brewing in Cuba and unlike its infamous 1959 counterpart, this one brings a lot more “candela.” Since the Cuban government has issued licenses for small privately owned businesses like paladares (restaurants), the rise of young entrepreneurial Cuban chiefs has left Havana’s dining scene growing faster than Che’s facial […]